We can help you implement all kinds of integration scenarios, using Apache ServiceMix or Red Hat JBoss Fuse.

Both products consist of a stack of the best open-source integration projects, combined into a single platform for building your own integration solutions:

  • Apache ActiveMQ offers a fast and reliable messaging broker, that can deployed in mulitple topologies for redundancy, scalability, …
  • Apache Camel provides routing, enterprise integration patterns, … in an easy-to-code Java-, Scala- or XML-based DSL
  • Apache CXF allows you to integrate with remote web services as well as expose your own web services
  • Apache Karaf is used as the underlying runtime platform, allowing you to upgrade and update parts of your integration process without any downtime to the rest of the system

Other Services


The combination of Scala, Play! and Akka allows you to develop very large and scalable applications, while still also allowing you to develop a small web application in a matter of hours.


In order to make your own team work more efficiently with our technologies, we are always glad to help out with training sessions or workshops that fit your organisation.


Linux is often the preferred choice of operating system for hosting all kinds of network services in a cost-effective way.


Monitoring the behavior of your servers and services is a key factor in ensuring maximum availability of those systems. There are several open-source tools available to help you do this.

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