When TypeSafe started offering commercial support for Scala, Akka and Play!, the path was paved for these technologies to be used inside a corporate environment. The combination of these technlogies allows us to build small web applications for our customers in a matter of hours, while at the same time offering the scalability and support that are required for very large and popular systems as well.

What are the main components that make this stack so popular:

  • Scala is a modern hybrid language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming styles at the same time. This allows you to express common code much more efficiently, so you can focus on the business code instead of on the underlying mechanics.
  • Play! Framework is a Java and Scala web application framework that has the very popular model-view-controller architecture built-in.
  • Akka is a framework for actor-based programming. This is what really powers Play!, but you can also build your own business services with it, allowing for a quick and easy development of resilient, distributed and fault-tolerant services.